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The town of Cecina is situeted in the province of Livorno. The area was already known in Etruscan and was inhabited in Roman times as evidenced by the construction of a villa, still visible today, from the Imperial consul Albino Cecina. After a period of decline, the city was mentioned as one of the boundaries of the Maremma, by Dante Alighieri (Inferno XIII, 7). In 1406 passed by the Republic of Pisa to the Florentine dominion, under the ownership of the Medici were built the first inhabited areas. In the late nineteenth remediation ordered by Leopold II of Tuscany changed land use to ensure a significant agricultural development, economic and links. During the town of Cecina fascisat, established in 1906 in the province of Pisa, went to the province of Livorno Livorno by order of the fascist Cyan. During the Second World War the town was badly damaged and the subsequent reconstruction is particularly interested in the part closest to the sea (Marina di Cecina fraction). Since the natural outlet to the sea of ​​Siena and Volterra, Cecina has always had a great tradition in tourism, attracting since the seventies of the twentieth century also foreign tourists. Among the places of interest to see the Civic Archaeological Museum housed in the eighteenth century Villa Guerrazzi riferobili objects that exposes the history of the Val di Cecina from prehistory to the early Middle Ages.

Cecina Cecina
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